Some things I've enjoyed recently

  • Type:Rider, a game about the history of typography. It's beautiful and fun.
  • This post at Wandering Scientist. I love the two quotes at the end.
  • This post at the Chronicle of Higher Education blog. I'm bothered whenever I hear someone preaching about the "real world" and how students aren't prepared for it. The "real" world is full of real people who should be treated with respect and kindness. We gain nothing by dismissing our students.
  • Forbidden Island, my new favorite puzzle (it's a digitized board game, but I've been playing the local multiplayer solo)
  • 2048, which has usurped sudoku as my go-to time-waster. (Thanks a lot, @chemjobber)
  • iThoughts, an iOS/Mac mind-mapping app I've used for a year or two that was recently updated with some nice improvements.
  • This post at Penny Arcade on the use and purpose of Twitter was amusing. I also worry at times that my tweets aren't "good enough." Plus, I have a soft spot for Austen references.
  • This Periodic Table by Compound Interest is pretty cool.
  • It's not nearly as recent as the rest of this list, but I've really been enjoying the Points of Significance column at Nature Methods, and the Points of View column before it. My statistics background is much weaker than I'd like, so it's nice to have a primer. Points of View is similarly helpful for tips on designing figures.