Hi, I'm Beth Haas.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Misericordia University. I enjoy helping others see and learn and understand, and I aspire to be as good a teacher and mentor as those who helped me.

I got into chemistry thanks to an awesome high school chemistry teacher and a course in darkroom photography. Chemistry felt mysterious and magical, and I wanted to know how it all worked. In college I did inorganic synthesis work and learned a fair amount of small molecule crystallography from some pretty fantastic folks. For graudate school at the University of Michigan, I started down the inorganic-synthesis path, but before I knew it, I was hooked on a different kind of science: investigating the dance of membrane-associated DNA-binding protein molecules in Vibrio cholerae cells (the bacteria responsible for cholera). I like research because I love learning new things, and there is still plenty to learn. Also, lasers are awesome.

These days I'm doing a lot of teaching: introductory chemistry for majors, analytical chem, and seminar courses on professional development topics; and hodgepodge of research: developing experiments for chemistry teaching labs, modeling protein diffusion in confined environments, and dipping a toe into the analytical chemistry pool.

All the way from that start in high school, I've been trying to see the unseen: revealing images in developing photos, mapping atomic positions in semiconductor crystals, getting beyond the diffraction limit to watch proteins move. It's still mysterious and wonderful to me.

Outside of the classroom and lab you can find me dabbling in programming, reading Jane Austen and pop-sci books, sewing, playing video games, baking for friends and co-workers, and taking lots of pictures of my Sweet Pea.

I started this site to give my writing muscles some more exercise, to keep the hand moving, really.

If you're so inclined, you can find me on Twitter as @belehaa.