Writing update

My stated goal at the beginning of November was to "write something worth posting every day." My unstated goal was to put up a post every weekday. Since Nov. 1st I've written every day and posted every weekday except yesterday. That sounds like a decent start to me.

Most of what I've written lately has been related to job applications and research, but I've carved out 30-60 minutes each day, sometimes more, just to write for the sake of thinking "out loud." I don't think I've been at it long enough for the habit to stick on its own, but my writing time (usually in the evenings) is something I look forward to.

When November is over, I want to keep up the frequent writing, though I think I'll slow down the posting. I've been posting near-daily as a way to keep my promise to myself, but some things need more revision before they go up, and revision also takes time. My goal for December is to post about once a week. If I'm still setting aside writing time every day, that should work fairly well, I think.