Things I may have recommended to you

During the PFF Seminar, I have gotten a lot of questions about my iPad, so I thought I'd share links about all that here. While I was at it, I added links to other things I've recommended. I hope some part of it is useful to you.

iPad things

  • Explain Everything - $3 teaching & presentation app, with free iBook manual
  • Notability - $2 notetaking app; This is what I've been using during the seminar to take notes during sessions and annotate the readings (as PDFs)
  • Notes Plus - $8 notetaking app; $2 extra for handwriting-to-print conversion
  • Paper - free drawing app; $7 (total) for other brushes, etc.
  • Cosmonaut stylus - $25 thick rubber stylus, similar in size to a dry erase marker
  • Bamboo stylus - $15 mini/$30 standard pen-like stylus
  • Papers - $15 reference organizer app, companion to desktop program
  • Dropbox - free app, free account (for 2GB, up to 18GB; here's my referral link), one of the easiest ways to get files on and off an iPad; syncs with web account and desktops

other technology

  • Papers - $80 reference organizer app for Mac & PC (40% student/academic discount available)
  • ScanSnap - $500 amazing document scanner; I have an older model, the S1500M



  • Lamy Safari fountain pen - my favorite pen; I got mine from JetPens with an Extra Fine nib
  • Lamy Fountain Pen Converter - $5 refillable ink cartridge for the Lamy Safari pen, and others; I got mine from JetPens; if you change ink colors, I recommend getting more than one
  • JetPens - pens of all sorts
  • Goulet Pens - recently recommended to me; they offer 2mL ink samples

(prices are current as of May 2013)